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We’re very excited to welcome a fantastic line up of media celebrities to the 2014 BangPop! Comic Con. We’ll be announcing more guests soon! Follow us on Facebook for the latest info.

Trace Beaulieu was a founding writer/performer on “Mystery Science Theater 3000” (MST3K), playing Dr. Forrester and Crow T. Robot for the show’s first seven seasons as well as the feature film version of MST. Trace continues to work as both a performer and writer. As an actor, he has appeared on “Freaks and Geeks”, “The West Wing” and several independent features. He was also the host of “People Traps” on Animal Planet. Trace’s writing credits include ABC’s “America’s Funniest Home Videos” and “Fast Food Films” on FX. Most recently Trace performed with fellow MST3K members in Cinematic Titanic, a touring version of MST3K.

Frank Conniff is a comedy writer and performer who began his TV career writing for the Peabody award winning Comedy Central series “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” where he also played “TV’s Frank,” the bumbling yet lovable mad scientist sidekick. He then went on to be a writer, producer and actor on the ABC TV series “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and he was a writer and producer on “The Drew Carey Show” on ABC, “The New Tom Green Show” on MTV, and the satirical series “O2BE” on the Oxygen Network, where he was also a cast member. He was head writer of the animated Nickelodeon series “Invader Zim,” and also was a writer and producer for the Air America Radio network, where he provided material for on-air personalities Rachel Maddow, Marc Maron, Lizz Winstead, Al Franken, Janeane Garofalo, and Randi Rhodes. He was a writer and performer on “Viewpoint with John Fugelsang” on Current TV, and on “Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell” on the FXX network, and he also writes and performs on “The Jimmy Dore Show.” In addition, he writes, produces and directs original musical comedy radio plays for his podcast, “Podhouse 90.”

(Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff will be appearing both days of the BangPop! Comic Con and will be on the “Pushing the Button” MST3K panel on Sunday at 11 am.)

Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Nicki Clyne enjoyed a typical childhood filled with school, sports, road trips, impromptu dance performances and a dream of one day becoming a professional actress. But despite her desire to grace the TV sets of millions, she never considered it a realistic goal and filed the idea next to other potential career paths: teacher, psychologist, veterinarian, fly girl, or architect. It wasn’t until she got the lead role of “Annie” in her high school play that she considered pursuing acting more seriously. Until then, acting classes were just another after-school activity, shuffled in with soccer practice, ice hockey games, band rehearsal, student council and various other clubs and sports. So after a couple more school plays and graduating with honors, she got an agent and pursued her dream of becoming an actor. Since then, Nicki has performed guest starring roles in several television shows, lead roles in films and, most notably, the role of Crewman Specialist Cally on Sci Fi’s hit show Battlestar Galactica. She can also be seen in the lead role of Vh1’s 80’s comedy spoof Totally Awesome, with Chris Kattan, Tracy Morgan and Dominique Swain. Nicki continues to involve herself in film and television projects, as well as voiceover work; she voiced the character of Soledad in the illustrated film Godkiller and narrated a chapter of the audiobook for Max Brooks’ acclaimed World War Z. She can most recently be seen as the host of the popular SyFy web-series BlastrTV, where she ventures deep into the Sci Fi and Fantasy universe to comment on current and controversial topics. Alongside her acting career, Nicki devotes much of her time to projects that seek to inspire critical thought and further ethics in the world. As a perpetual student, she thinks Aldous Huxley said it best: “I wanted to change the world. But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself.”

(Nicki Clyne will be appearing both days of the BangPop! Comic Con and will be on the “Life after BSG” panel on Sunday at 3 pm.)

TheodusCraneBorn and raised in Atlanta Ga, Theodus Crane was introduced to the world of art early. His mother began to encourage him to pursue extra roles in TV and film when he was a child. He spent time developing a love for visual art, music, spoken word, martial arts, massage therapy, burlesque and vaudeville,and side show performance. He’s been a strongman, a blue genie, a cellist, a fake opera singer, an amateur kick boxing world champion, and is currently a part of an all male dance group called the 610 Stompers.

But it wasn’t until he took the stage as ‘Chaiaphas” in “Jesus Christ Superstar” that Theodus realized what he loved most. Theodus Crane is an actor, currently based out of New Orleans, LA. He has performed stand up and improv comedy and has been in a variety of productions from NO.SOUL in New Orleans Fringe Fest 2010, to his first TV role as ‘Jogo’ in “Breakout Kings”. But it was when he played the role of ‘Big Tiny’ in AMC’s “The Walking Dead” that his career started to blossom. He has upcoming roles in “Motel” with Robert De Niro, John Cusack, and Rebecca De Costa and “Barefoot” with Scott Speedman as well as the upcoming feature “The Starving Games”.

(Theodus Crane will be appearing both days of the BangPop! Comic Con and will be on the “We ARE the Walking Dead” panel on Saturday at 2 pm. Thank you Darling’s for making this guest appearance possible.)

GregoryFrenchGregory French is a New York native who currently lives in South Carolina. He got his start in professional acting when a friend asked him to be in a commercial he was shooting. That commercial led to several others, and before long, Greg was acting on the big screen. He has appeared on the television shows Under the Dome and Revolution, but is best known for his many appearances on The Walking Dead, where he has played around 20 different walkers in seasons 3, 4, and 5 including the Barbed Wire Face Walker, one of the Gas Mask Walkers as well as several Prison Walkers.

His movie credits include Iron Man 3, Parental Guidance, and We’re the Millers. He also enjoys the Indie film world where he has earned starring roles in the horror film, The Legend of 7 Toe Maggie, and the military comedy Weekend Warriors. He is currently in production on the wrestling-themed comedy, Suplex. Greg enjoys costuming and building sci-fi props and considers himself to be an all-around supernerd as a member of both The 501st Legion and the R2 Builders Club. He is also somewhat of a zombie expert as a contributing member of the survival groups Zombie Squad and Zomb-Ease and is an avid reader of zombie-themed novels, which he considers to be research into his various roles on The Walking Dead.

(Gregory French will be appearing at BangPop! Comic Con on Saturday only and will be on the “We ARE the Walking Dead” panel on Saturday at 2 pm. Thank you Darling’s for making this guest appearance possible.)


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